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All classes are of my own design, based on the curriculum from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). I am an experienced adult educator, so my classes are for adults only (age 20 – 80+). Course descriptions below – for current class schedule, locations and fees: request information & class schedules

Don’t see the class you’re looking for? Contact me – tell me what you want, where you’re located, and whether you already have a group of potential participants and/or a space to hold a class. I’m always interested in developing new classes to meet the needs of different groups.

Introduction to Mindfulness
Just what it says – an introduction to what mindfulness is, and is not, including an explanation of basic concepts, and opportunities to sample simple practices. Participants will experience a sampling of mindfulness practices and learn how they are being used to relieve stress-related illness, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addiction, as well as to increase overall happiness and well-being. Usually offered as a 3-hour class. 
Mindfulness for Beginners
Introduces a simple yet powerful approach to dealing with stressful situations, negative thoughts, and difficult emotions. Participants learn breathing techniques, exercises designed to transform habitual ways of thinking about and reacting to stress, and a variety of simple and brief meditative practices that can be readily incorporated into daily life. This is the foundation – all of my other classes build on this one. Usually offered as a six to eight week series of 90-minute classes. 

Here’s what some of Rebecca’s students have said about this class:

“So many helpful tools and new ways of thinking and being.”

“I really learned a lot about myself and how to be a better parent.”

“The class truly provided me with insights that enrich my understanding of how to best live a life of peace and joy.”

“It really saved my life.”

Mindfulness at Work
In this class we focus on applying mindfulness to improve concentration, deal with distractions and difficult people, manage your workload, and meet deadlines with less stress. Emphasis on simple meditative and mindful movement practices that can be done almost anytime, anywhere. A three or four week series of 90- to 120-minute classes.
Mindfulness for Working Parents
This class teaches you how to find that elusive 25th hour in the day – well, maybe not, but you’ll definitely learn simple meditative practices to squeeze into your busy day, practices to do with your kids or whole family, and how to become more patient and more accepting of your limitations. A three or four week series of 90- to 120-minute classes.


Rebecca Stanwyck, LCSW

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